Saturday, September 13, 2014

Save the Dates: September and October Candidate Events and Republican Meetings in Lafayette County, Missouri


September 4-6 - Concordia Fall Festival; parade Saturday, Sept. 6

September 11-13 - Waverly Apple Jubilee. parade Saturday, Sept. 13

September 13-20 - Higginsville Country Fair, parade Saturday, Sept. 20

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH  -- Federated Republican Women's meeting, 7 PM, Lafayette Hall, 10th and Franklin, Lexington, Missouri. Public invited. Refreshments.

Meet and Greet Reception for Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer (running for re-election in the 53rd Legislative District) and Russell Kruse (candidate for Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2)
Time: from 6 to 8 PM
Location: Baltimore Bend Winery27150 Hwy 24 – Waverly, Missouri
Appetizers and beverages  

No charge for event. Not a fundraiser.
Paid for by Lafayette County Republican Central Committee, Heidi Kolkmeyer, treasurer.

Enjoy a continental breakfast (pastries, cinnamon rolls, fruit plate, coffee, tea and water) and visit with Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer (running for re-election in the 53rd Legislative District) 
and Russell Kruse (candidate for Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2)
Time: 8 to 10 AM
Location: Topsy's Cafe, 715 S. Main Street, Concordia, Missouri

No charge for event. Not a fundraiser.
Paid for by Lafayette County Republican Central Committee, Heidi Kolkmeyer, treasurer.

County Candidate Forum, sponsored by Lafayette County Farm Bureau and Lead 2000 Alumni
Time: TBA
Location: American Legion Hall, Higginsville, Missouri
Open to the public.
Moderated by county media personnel.



Professor Josh Hawley, a native Missourian who grew up in Lexington, MO.



Josh Hawley to speak on 'Hobby Lobby' case

that he argued this summer and won before SCOTUS.

SPECIAL PROGRAM:  Professor Josh Hawley of the University of Missouri School of Law will speak on his experiences arguing the recent 'Hobby Lobby' case before the United States Supreme Court.  Click here to read more about the case.

Time: 6:30 to 9 PM
Appetizers and Rustic Italian Wood-Fired Pizza and Soft Drinks.
Cash bar.
Location: Arcadian Moon Winery, Highway 13 and I-70 Junction, Higginsville, Missouri
Open to the public. 
No charge for event. Not a fundraiser.
Your hosts: Lafayette County Republican Central Committee and Federated Republican Women's Club of Lafayette County, Missouri 
Paid for by Lafayette County Republican Central Committee, Heidi Kolkmeyer, treasurer.

NOTE: Candidates will be guests at other private coffees and gatherings not listed here,  and other countywide events will be announced as they are scheduled.

ELECTION DAY - Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Don't forget to vote!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Russell Kruse on running for Associate Circuit Judge, Div. 2 in Lafayette County: “As a country lawyer, I learned early on that there are no small cases and no unimportant people. I will bring this philosophy to our judicial system as well.”

Russell J. Kruse, a longtime attorney from Concordia, Missouri, is running for Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2, in Lafayette County. He is pictured here with his wife Beth. The Kruses live in Concordia, where Beth works as a high school cook, and where they raised six children, the youngest two of which are still in college. They have six grandchildren, and a couple of basset hounds. To learn more about Russell Kruse, visit his website, Kruse for Judge

Note: Division 2 in Lafayette County's Circuit Court handles probate matters as well as additional cases including minor criminal ones, family law, and other matters. Beginning in January of 2015, all juvenile cases will be assigned to Division 2.


What are the three most important skills needed to be a good Probate Judge? 

Probate Judges, as they sign orders and decide contested issues, need to be:

 1. tough

 2. knowledgeable

 3. fair 

Definition: What is a Probate Judge? A probate judge is a state judicial official who is in charge of overseeing all aspects of the probate of the estates of deceased persons in his or her applicable jurisdiction. A probate judge's role in the administration of an estate will vary based on whether or not the deceased person died testate or intestate, whether or not the Personal Representative, heirs at law of the deceased person, and the beneficiaries named in the Last Will and Testament get along, and whether or not a will contest is filed. From ABOUT MONEY by Julie Garber, Wills & Estate Planning Expert:
Read excerpts from an article on skills needed to become a judge by Scott Thompson of Demand Media. Read more here:

Knowledge of the law, and particularly of trial law, is the most basic skill needed to become a judge.

Judges need strong interpersonal skills to effectively oversee complex cases involving adversarial lawyers and powerful emotions among all concerned parties. They need to be able to control a courtroom when a situation becomes intense, and they need to be able to make tough decisions in such a way that their authority and fairness are respected even by those who may be adversely affected by their rulings.

Impartiality is not simply a character trait or a matter of temperament, but the skill of being able to recognize your own prejudices so you are not unduly swayed by them. As a judge, you may be responsible for a case with life-changing implications for an individual you find personally distasteful. Unless you have the self-awareness needed to recognize your own prejudice against that person, your decision could reflect your personal biases instead of serving justice in the case.


Don't forget to vote November 4th!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Getting to know Russell J. Kruse, candidate for Associate Circuit Court, Division 2, in Lafayette County, Missouri

In this post:
• Russell J. Kruse gives a brief overview about why he is running for Lafayette County Associate Circuit Court Judge in Division 2 and what that means to him.
• What are the qualities of a good judge, something every voter should consider when we go to the polls Nov. 4th.

Russell Kruse comments:
"After 28 years of professional service to clients, municipalities, county officials, businesses and clients, I will use my experience and knowledge to dispense justice, tempered with mercy, to those who come to the court. Judges are public servants, and I pledge to take the  job in a servant’s role with dignity and integrity. Although our constitution places this race on a partisan ticket, justice is not for parties, but rather for people, without regard to their politics, personalities, religion, or wealth."   
(To read more about Russ Kruse, his bio and other information, visit his website at

What are the qualities of a good judge? 
Tip of the hat to 'A Pursuit of Justice' blog that discusses this idea in depth. Read more here:

Here are some excerpts about the qualities a good judge possesses:

Judicial Temperament:
This character trait encompasses both the ability to apply the law to the facts and to understand how a judicial decision will affect the human beings appearing before the court.  It is the ability to communicate with counsel, jurors, witnesses and parties calmly and courteously, as well as the willingness to listen to and consider what is said on all sides of a debatable proposition.


This most important overall quality is a key intangible.  The applicant should be of the best character.  He or she should have a positive reputation in every professional and residential community.  His or her background should be free of references to immorality or indiscretions.  He or she should be free of a history of substance abuse or substance dependence, and free of indications domestic violence, publicly unacceptable conduct and the like.  Candidates should be financially stable.

Other Qualities of a good judge, all important, and in no particular order:

Education and Experience
Ability to communicate
Civic and Community Responsibility

Please read, save and share with others who may be interested in learning more about the qualities of a judge as you vote on Tuesday, November 4th.  Remember,  judgeships rarely have open seats, sometimes only once every 20 to 30 years, so it is vitally important to be informed voters in November.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Meetings and Events 2014

Central Committee and Friends

 and Federated Republican Women's Club

 of Lafayette County


Thursday, June 26 --Joint meeting of Central Committee and Friends and Federated Women's Club of Lafayette County at the Belarussian Baker and Restaurant, Higginsville. Two meat-buffet dinner at 6:30 PM with program to follow. No business meeting. Dinner is Dutch Treat and includes two meats, potato, vegetable, salad, coffee or tea, and dessert bar. Wine and beer cash bar. 

RSVP dinner reservation to

LOCATION: Dinner meeting at the Belarussian Baker and Restaurant, 2010 Shelby, Higginsville, MO.  Facebook: The Belarussian Baker 
PROGRAM: Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) to speak on why he opposes Medicaid expansion in Missouri. 


Thursday, July 10th -- SUMMER PICNIC/BARBECUE -- Republican Central Committee and Federated Republican Women of Lafayette County will be your hosts at LaBella Winery.  Public invited.

TIME: Dinner at 6 p.m. with speaker at 7 p.m. Wine cash bar.
PROGRAM:  "Protecting the Right to Farm" and other agricultural issues by Missouri State Senator Mike Parson, District 28. 

DINNER DETAILS:  The Central Committee will provide meat (barbecue) and buns, potatoes, as well as cake and ice cream.  FRW will provide service and coffee, tea, soft drinks. Please bring one dish for every two people (a vegetable, fruit tray, salad, relishes, etc.).
LOCATION: 500 yards off of Hwy FF and Flournoy School Rd. in Wellington, MO
*Many GPS devices may place the location incorrectly. Until this is corrected please remember that they are located as noted above.


Saturday, July 12th--A Birthday Party for Russell Kruse, Republican candidate for Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2, Lafayette County.  Begins at 6 p.m. at their home, 903 SE 2nd, Concordia, Mo.  YOU ARE INVITED: Birthday picnic with amazing food prepared by Russ's wife Beth (who is, incidentally, known for her delicious fare). Don't bring anything, just come and help us celebrate Russell's birthday.  RSVP to Beth at




Tuesday, August 19th--Call to Reorganize Lafayette County Central Committee--Tuesday, August 19th 

Time and Location: 7 PM at Lafayette Hall, 116 S. 10th (10th and Franklin), Lexington, MO


Wednesday, August 20th--Call to Reorganize 53rd Legislative District--Tuesday, August 20th 

Time and Location: 7 PM at Lafayette Hall, 116 S. 10th (10th and Franklin), Lexington, MO

Thursday, August 21st -- The Central Committee and Friends and the Lafayette County Federated Republican Women will be guests of Glen and Lisa Kolkmeyer.

Time: 7 PM
Location: Home of Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer 
7075 Deerview Drive, Odessa, Mo.


Saturday, August 23rd -- Call to Reorganize the 21st Senatorial District

Time: 6:30 PM
Location: JB's Steakhouse, 109 S. Folger, Carrollton, Missouri
RSVP dinner reservations:


Call to Reorganize Lafayette County Central Committee --Tuesday, Aug. 19th in Lexington, Missouri

Call to Reorganize Lafayette County Central Committee
Tuesday, Aug. 19th

7 PM at Lafayette Hall, 10th and Franklin, Lexington, MO

NOTE: You may send a proxy, notarized, if you cannot attend. Any true and loyal Republican in the county may carry your proxy. The meeting is open to the public.

Call to Reorganize--County Chair, Kay Hoflander

Official Business:
• Certify committeemen and committeewomen from each of Lafayette County's 8 townships
• Temporary chair conducts election of officers
• Elect officers and fill vacant seats (nominations accepted from the floor)

• Miscellaneous committee business to be discussed


For all related MoGOP regulations, documents and committee handbook, visit
and click on Your Party.