Friday, August 7, 2009

Ike Says "No" to Pettis Co. Forum: Sedalians Turn Out to Say "NO" to Ike

This afternoon, patriots in Sedalia met Ike Skelton at a healthcare forum hosted at Bothwell Hospital. The public was not invited. The congressman, elected in 1976, received several of the protesters after the event. Many in the group stated they had previously voted for Skelton, but could no longer support his candidacy after voting for cap-and-trade and other liberal policies. Skelton votes with Nancy Pelosi 97.1% of the time.

Pictured above, a patriot from Odessa displays a Pelosi-Ike puppet.

Veterans and Patriots Gather in Warsaw to Protest Ike Skelton

More reason's why we should email Sen. Bill Stouffer ( and encourage him to run for Congress in 2010!!!

In what locals called a “first time,” Warsaw was the site of a political protest this morning. Those opposed to a national health care plan and other liberal policies turned out to protest Ike Skelton’s recent allegiance to the Obama-Pelosi regime.

Just inside police tape, peaceful protesters, seniors, veterans, and patriots of all ages joined forces to send Ike a clear message – "Vote with Missouri, not Pelosi 97.1% of the time, or take a hike!"

As a young staffer held the microphone, Skelton acknowledged the presence of those disappointed in his recent votes, but did not discuss policy.