Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sen. Jim DeMint Discusses Budget Deficit & Spending Cuts

DeMint on the budget and Obamacare:

When the President said spend, Republicans said "no" to the stimulus, and as it turns out, Republicans were right. We were called the Party of No.

When the President insisted on a national takeover of our healthcare system, Republicans again said "no". What we need, Republicans said, is more freedom for patients and physicians to work together and more competitiveness in the market. The President said his plan would lower premiums, but that did not happen. Republicans were called the Party of No. As it turns out Republicans were right again as healthcare costs begin to rise.

In fact, DeMint says, Republicans are the party of "know" not "no", and Democrats are the party of "no show" as they do nothing to lead the country out of the deficit and other budgetary woes.