Thursday, October 18, 2012

Please Vote November 6th In Lafayette County For These Highly Qualified Republican Candidates

David Pearce for State Senate, 21st District

Sen. David Pearce serves as the Chair of the Senate’s Committee on Education and is a member of the important Appropriations Committee, helping to decide how the state spends its budget of more than $24 billion. He believes state government should live within its means like Missouri families. He is 100% Pro Life, believes in protecting the 2nd Amendment, and has a primary goal of protecting the interest of rural communities and providing more jobs for rural Missouri.

Glen Kolkmeyer for State House, 53rd District

Glen Kolkmeyer is a lifelong resident of Lafayette County, a conservative small business owner, a retired Wellington-Napoleon Fire Chief of 20 years, and has volunteered 39 years of community service to the county. Glen believes in keeping taxes low, in stopping government waste, in defending innocent life, and protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. He is dedicated to promoting local control of our public schools, helping small businesses and fighting for the family farm. 

Harley Amos Todd for Lafayette County Assessor

Harley Amos Todd (known to family and friends as Amos) has 12 years of experience in the real estate and finance industries, has hands-on experience evaluating real estate property taxes, a bachelor's degree from William Jewell, and is an advocate for computer technological advancements in the Assessor’s Office. Amos says, “The Assessor is the chief real estate officer for the county. As a real estate professional with a background in finance, I am qualified for this role and pledge honesty, integrity and fair property assessments in Lafayette County.”

Jennifer Jellum for Lafayette County Treasurer

Jennifer Jellum is currently serving as City Collector for Lexington and has served in that capacity for the last six years. In that position she has handled large amounts of revenue for the City of Lexington and has performed her duties with the highest professionalism and integrity. Jennifer will take her financial experience, ability and commitment to the Office of Lafayette County Treasurer and asks you to remember that she has the “Experience That Counts.”

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Get to Know Our Lafayette County Unopposed Candidates - Election 2012

We would appreciate your vote for these fine Republican candidates on November 6th.

Barb Copenhaver for County 

Public Administrator

Each day as public administrator, Barb Copenhaver uses her 28 years of teaching expertise and 61 years of life experience to care for approximately  100 individuals as directed by state statute through the Lafayette County Probate Court. She was elected to this office in 2008.

Thank you for your support of Barb Copenhaver for Lafayette County Public Administrator.

Tracy Dyer for Southern District Commissioner

Tracy Dyer was elected Southern District Commissioner in 2008 and represents the Lafayette County Commission on the Region F Solid Waste Board.

Thank you for your support of Tracy Dyer for Southern District Commissioner.

Mark Nolte for County Surveyor

Mark Nolte is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia and has been the Lafayette County Surveyor for the last 20 years. He is married to Carol and they have one daughter, Lily. Mark is co-owner of Nolte Land Surveying in Higginsville.

Thank you for your support of Mark Nolte for Lafayette County Surveyor.