Monday, August 10, 2009

Recent Letters, Opinion Writers Ask Ike to Listen to Missouri, Not Pelosi

Ray Hamilton, Marshfield, writes "Congressman [Skelton] has no time for voters" to the Springfield News-Leader.

Katie Hilton with the Lebanon Daily Record, writes "Like Pelosi, Congressman Skelton is all for [union bosses ending secret ballot elections in the workplace]. 'Middle class workers who are able to collectively bargain earn more money and spend that money in their community,' he wrote when a local group asked him to oppose the change."

On cap-and-trade, Hilton writes, "This measure, now 1,200 pages (but it wasn’t printed when Skelton gave it a thumbs-up), needs to be incinerated. Skelton is back-pedaling. He told the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives that he only voted Yes because he “knew” the Senate would make changes that would help rural Missouri. How’s that for responsible leadership? Grade, F."

Leland L. Reed of Pleasant Hill writes to the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal, "I am appalled that as officials representing the people of Missouri and both [Skelton and McCaskill] being attorneys would vote for a bill [they] have not read. [They both] voted for the stimulus bill not knowing the full extent of what it covered."

He also notes that Skelton voted for a hate crimes bill that would prohibit pastors from teaching Biblical doctrine regarding homosexuality and for supporting a cap-and-trade bill that will hurt constituents financially.

Frustrations are being felt throughout Western Missouri as Ike Skelton refuses to engage with this constituents over important issues. Voters from several counties have expressed an interest to contact local newspapers to share their concerns. For a list of newspaper contacts in the 4th Congressional District, email

Ike Hearts Pelosi; Bars Public from Meetings Last Week (continued...)

Kudos to one of our locals from Odessa being featured as the "Picture of the Day" on the Missouri Political News Service website. Click here for a link to the story. The headline reads, "Ike Hearts Nancy; Bans Public from Attending Events."

In addition, the story on last week's protests was covered by the Sedalia Democrat here.