Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2014 Lafayette County Election Results Summary

2014 Lafayette County Election Results Summary on link provided. Data: 15 precincts counted. 44.44% voter turnout, low compared to previous election years. In contested elections: Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer (R) was re-elected to serve in the 53rd Mo. House District. Also, Russell Kruse (R) was elected as Associate Circuit Judge. Current Prosecutor Kristen Ellis (D) was elected as well.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Voting Guide on the 3 Ballot Amendments and 1 Initiative Petition that will be on the Nov. 4th, 2014, ballot - from Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer (serving Missouri's 53rd Legislative District)

Ballot Amendments
November 4, 2014

From: Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer (Mo. District 53)

Information on the 3 Ballot Amendments
 and the 1 Initiative Petition on Nov. 4th Ballot

I have received a number of questions from my constituents about the upcoming November 4th Ballot Amendments. Here are the three (3) Amendments the Legislature put on the ballot and the one (1) initiative petition. 

·      Amendment 2
o   Amendment 2 would allow evidence from previous criminal acts to be heard in court for crimes of a sexual nature involving a victim under the age of eighteen.
o   Currently, evidence from previous criminal behavior is not allowed as evidence in court.
o   How I will vote:  I will be voting YES on Amendment 2.  Currently, each case is treated like a first time offense. Amendment 2 will allow evidence from previous offenses to be presented in court.  This will help stop repeat sex offenders.

·      Amendment 3
o   Amendment 3 is an initiative petition. An initiative petition means it has never been touched by the General Assembly.  A Missouri citizen gathered enough signatures on a petition for the Amendment to be placed on the ballot this November.
o   Also, it would end teacher tenure and it would require teacher testing.
o   Amendment 3 would give DESE the constitutional authority to set standards to which our local teachers will be graded and retained or dismissed.
o   How I will vote: I will be voting NO on Amendment 3 as it will take away control from our local school boards and give more power to State Board of Education. I am against relinquishing local control to DESE. Amendment 3 will also put teacher testing in the Missouri Constitution. I am against DESE creating standards for our teachers. Again, this is an initiative petition. The General Assembly had nothing to do with placing Amendment 3 on the ballot.

·      Amendment 6
o   Amendment 6 would allow an early voting period of six business days prior to the general election. The six business days include the Wednesday prior to the election, and exclude Saturday and Sunday.
o   Early voting would only be permitted in years when the legislature provides the funding.
o   How I will vote:  I will be voting YES on Amendment 6.  I worked on this Amendment in the House Elections Committee.  It allows for no-excuse absentee voting at the Court House six business days before the election.

·      Amendment 10
o   Amendment 10 would prohibit the Governor from reducing funds already appropriated by the General Assembly without legislative consent.
o   Also provides restrictions on the Governor’s ability to increase of decrease line items in the budget.
·      Also prohibits the Governor from proposing a budget that relies on revenue from legislation that has not yet been passed in the General Assembly.

·      How I will vote:  I will be voting YES on Amendment 10.  Governor Nixon has been withholding funds from our public schools and habilitation centers and dispersing the money elsewhere.  This is the first Governor in states history who withheld funding for schools before the state was short on money.  Amendment 10 will increase legislative oversight on the Governors decisions. The Governor should have to work within the previously approved budget. 

Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer
53rd Missouri Legislative District

Serving all of Lafayette County and parts of Johnson and Jackson Counties