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2018 General Election Results for Lafayette County, MO

2018 General Election Results for Lafayette County:  See link below.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Vote GOP Tuesday, Nov. 6th for THE RIGHT TEAM for Lafayette County and for Missouri!

Please support these outstanding Republican candidates and vote "R" down your ballot!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Fall get-together for Lafayette County Republicans set for Thursday, Oct. 25th in Lexington



 •  Join us for our fall gathering of
Lafayette County Republican Central Committee
 and Federated Republican Women's Club of Lafayette County

•   Program: Republican candidates running in 2018
 for both local and statewide offices
 are invited to speak as well as currently elected officials.

•  Special Guest Speaker: TBD

•   Time: 6:30 PM

•   Location: P and H Event Center, 1111 Main, Lexington, Missouri

Carry-in dinner. Table service and beverages provided.
 Please bring one meat dish and one other dish.

For questions, message us on our Facebook page @lafayettecountyrepublicans.

Monday, August 6, 2018

For August 7th Primary Election results, check Lafayette County Government website.

Lafayette County, Missouri, August 7th Primary Election Results Will Be Available on the Lafayette County Government Website. Follow this link: http://www.lafayettecountymo.com.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

2018 Republican County Committee Reorganization and Legislative, Senatorial, Congressional and Judicial Committee Reorganizations

Lafayette County Republican Central Committee Reorganization - 2018

In accordance with state law, all Republican committees throughout Missouri will be reorganizing after the August 7th primary election.

Here are the dates during which reorganization and election of officers will take place for all our local Republican committees, including county, legislative, senatorial, congressional and judicial.


Time: 7 PM
Location: Lafayette Hall, 116 S. 10th Street (10th and Franklin), Lexington, MO, in the first-floor courtroom.

LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE -- 53rd Legislative District
Date: TBA but must fall between August 28 and September 1

SENATORIAL COMMITTEE -- 21st Senatorial District
Date: TBA but must fall between September 4 and September 8. 

CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE -- 5th Congressional District
Date: TBA but must fall between September 11 and September 15

Date: TBA but must fall between September 18 and 22

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Lafayette County 2018 Republican Candidates

State Rep. Candidate running unopposed in August 7th Primary in Lafayette County, Missouri

Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer (53rd Legislative District) speaking on the House floor.

State Representative Glen Kolkmeyer, 53rdLegislative District

(Representative Glen Kolkmeyer is running unopposed in the August 7thprimary
 and has a Democrat opponent in the Nov. 6thelection.)

State Representative Glen Kolkmeyer, a Republican, represents Lafayette County and parts of Jackson and Johnson counties (District 53) in the Missouri House of Representatives. He was re-elected to his third two-year term in November, 2016. Representative Kolkmeyer currently serves as the Majority Caucus Chair in the Missouri House of Representatives. 

Representative Kolkmeyer was appointed and served two years as the Chairman of the House Transportation Committee. Then, he ran among his fellow representatives for a leadership position and became their Majority Caucus Chair. Kolkmeyer says it has truly been an honor for him to serve in House Leadership as Majority Caucus Chair, and he is looking forward to my next term as he is running for Speaker Pro-Tem.

As a State Representative, Kolkmeyer representsapproximately 37,000 residents in Lafayette, Jackson and Johnson Counties. His duties include working alongside his fellow colleagues in the Missouri House, the Missouri Senate and the Governor’s office. Together, Kolkmeyer says they work to create laws and establish a balanced state budget. His legislative authority and responsibilities as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives include passing bills on public policy matters, setting levels for state spending, raising and lowering taxes and voting to uphold or override gubernatorial vetoes. 

Representative Kolkmeyer’s office is also responsible for providing governmental and legislative resources to our constituents and assisting them in navigating our branches of government.   

In addition to his legislative duties, as Majority Caucus Chair, Kolkmeyer says he has enjoyed  having the opportunity to work with new House Members and assist them in learning the legislative process and procedures of the House.  


Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer, Majority Caucus Chair, Missouri House of Representatives

On behalf of the Public Policy Council, investors and Board of Directors of the St. Louis Regional Chamber, Representative Kolkmeyer was honored with their Advocate Award on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. 

The St. Louis Regional Chamber celebrated Representative Kolkmeyer’ s hard work on tort reform and his leadership in the Missouri General Assembly.

Related link: http://www.stlregionalchamber.com/blog-post/chamber-blog/2017/11/30/regional-chamber-honors-legislators-elected-leaders-at-annual-chamber-champion-awards-dinner

Kolkmeyer: “I was honored to serve as the Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation, and within that time, I had the distinct pleasure of passing HB 2380. This created an advisory committee for the Missouri Department of Revenue and established a new MO license plate to celebrate our state's 200th anniversary in 2021 of being the 24th state to join the United States.”

He currently serves on the following House Committees: Administration and Accounts, Ethics, Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight, and Transportation. 

Representative Kolkmeyer was a former president of Missouri Propane Safety Commission, Missouri Propane Gas Association, Lafayette County Firefighters Association and Lafayette County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund, a member of National Rifle Association, a past board member of the Wellington-Napoleon Protection District and the Lafayette County 9-1-1 Board. Representative Kolkmeyer and his wife, Lisa, attends Calvary Baptist Church in Odessa. 

In addition to his legislative duties, Representative Kolkmeyer is owner and CEO of Energy Transport Solutions, Inc. Bates City MO. The family-owned and operated company hauls gasoline, diesel, propane and anhydrous ammonia. Glen’s parents, Omer and Dorothy started in the propane business in 1955. Glen’s Wife, Lisa, serves as the Office Manager, and the third generation: their son, Eric is the General Manager, and their daughter Emily is the billing clerk. 

On July 15, 2018, the company celebrated 63 years in business. Representative Kolkmeyer also served 20 years as Fire Chief of the Wellington-Napoleon Fire Protection District and served 39 years in the Fire Service. 

Representative Kolkmeyer currently resides in rural Odessa with his wife, Lisa. They have two children, Eric (Heidi) Kolkmeyer and Emily (Brian) Kolkmeyer Wilson, and five grandchildren, Aleah, Ean, Lucas, Zoe, and Mia. 


Lafayette County Candidates running unopposed in the November 6th election.

Presiding Commissioner
Harold Hoflander
"A proven leader to keep moving our county forward."
Harold Hoflander, Presiding Commissioner, is running for re-election in November of 2018
and is unopposed. 

Comments from Harold Hoflander

Presiding Commissioner of Lafayette County

This is my third term to run for Presiding Commissioner. I first ran in 2010 and then ran unopposed for re-election in 2014. Today, in 2018, I am running for my third term. 

I am an experienced businessman having owned and operated Hoflander Ford, Inc., in Higginsville since 1982. Today, my wife Kay and I continue to manage the business with the help of our son Keven Hoflander. I have also farmed my entire life and continue that both here in Lafayette County and in Cooper County where I still own and operate our family's Missouri Century Farm, one that is owned by one family for a century or more.

I am happy and proud to say that Lafayette County is quite sound financially and all departments are operating at a professional and high level. We can be rightfully proud of all our office holders and the fine work each of them does each day in their respective departments.

As Chief Budget Officer, I have been pleased to see our cash carryover fund grow so that we began the fiscal year with $1,749,735 and are operating on a budget of  $5,784,430.00 for estimated expenditures, leaving a projected fund balance on December 31, 2018, of $1,055,213.45.

This carryover along with anticipated general revenue has our county in solid financial shape. When I started in January of 2011, sadly the county was in a difficult financial state of affairs, spending out of a contingency fund, borrowing money rather than self-funding or leasing county and sheriff's department vehicles and not having the funds to maintain buildings, equipment and grounds to the degree they needed. By careful financial management over these past two terms, I have been able, along with the valued and capable support of our other two County Commissioners, to turn the county's finances around while giving employees long overdue raises.

In addition to this financial success, our county commission has worked hard to initiate new programs and needed changes to others, build and maintain roads and bridges, placing the renewal of the County Capital Improvement Fund on the ballot this past April for voters to decide. It was overwhelmingly approved with the funds going to bridges and culverts, to special and common road districts, to cities and to county building and qualified projects. 

We have a long list of county Capital Improvement Projects we have completed in recent years, and I would be happy to discuss that with anyone interested in learning more details.

In Lafayette County, we can be proud of our Courthouse, a structure that was built in 1847 and is the oldest courthouse in continuous use west of the Mississippi River. It is on the National Register of Historic Places, and known far and wide for the cannonball embedded in the upper left column, a remnant of the Civil War Battle of Lexington, fought Sept. 18, 19 and 20, 1861. The County Commissioners place high importance on keeping this historic structure properly maintained.

I pledge my continued commitment and dedication to serving Lafayette County and pledge to always be mindful that we elected officials, first and foremost, serve you, the citizens of Lafayette County. I am honored and humbled to have your trust and support and look forward to additional productive and successful years ahead for our County.

Harold Hoflander

Lafayette County Clerk
Linda Niendick
Linda Niendick, County Clerk, is running for re-election in November of 2018 and is unopposed.  Bio to follow.

Kelly Halford Rose
Associate Circuit Judge, Division 3
Judge Kelly Rose is running for re-election in November of  2018 and is unopposed. She currently serves as Associate Circuit Judge, Division 3. Bio to follow.

Russell J. Kruse
Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2
Judge Russell J. Kruse is running for re-election as Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2, and is unopposed.

Comments from Russell J. Kruse, Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2.

(Judge Kruse is running for the 2019-2023 term.)

Starting this year, I was assigned to our county's Drug Treatment Court. This Court's goal is to treat the addiction and mold people into productive citizens, rather than punish and re-punish an intensified problem that causes increasing damage to families and communities. This treatment program requires the judge to manage expenses and take care of the court costs and grant money that fuels it. I pledge to safeguard and preserve the taxpayer's operating funds as an elected fiduciary and to use this money very conservatively solely for drug treatment court needs. And I will hold everyone accountable who has any connection with these funds. I have already taken steps to reduce overhead by cutting all funding to for-profit entities on the treatment team. I will lead our team to obtain the most positive impact on the people who are courageously taking charge over their addictions. 

The family is the smallest unit of government and is the foundation for every form of government ever implemented by man. If the family unit fails, so will the government. Our families are not as strong as they once were. We see this reflected in our Juvenile Court. Our Juvenile Court parents have a common problem which breaks down their families: drug use and addiction. The heroin epidemic has reached Lafayette County and is fast catching up with methamphetamine as a drug of choice. Drugs have hurt family relationships, reduced educational focus on their children, limited employment opportunities, and even replaced their hopes and dreams for the future. Drugs have replaced hard work for a brighter future with an unsustainable and harmful alternate reality.  

I was also assigned this year to some of our local cities' municipal courts. I look forward to helping our communities resolve their local disputes. These cases are important to people who want a safe, peaceful, law-abiding neighborhood.   

And I continue to oversee our Guardianships, Conservatorships, Trusts, and Probate Estates, including our Public Administrator's cases. I will continue to timely protect creditors' rights and Missouri's reimbursement claims for taxpayer aide rendered, so that beneficiaries and heirs may quickly receive their distributions.

I like serving the people who come to court and serving our community that relies on our judicial system. I thank the citizens of our county who have entrusted these judicial responsibilities to me over the past three years.  And I look forward to serving the people of our county and the court parties during the 2019-2023 term as well.


Russell J. Kruse, Judge

Cherie Mason
Auditor of Lafayette County
Cherie Mason, Auditor, is running for re-election in November of 2018 and is unopposed.  

Comments from Cherie Mason

Auditor of Lafayette County
This is my 6thterm as your County Auditor.  The Missouri Association of County Auditors provides yearly training which I have attended annually to keep current with any and all changes that affects the Auditor’s Office.  I have had the privilege of previously serving for two years each as Secretary-Treasurer and President of the Missouri Auditor’s Association and have been in charge of acquiring speakers for the training. I have worked diligently for the citizens of Lafayette County through the years to improve and simplify the services and efficiency of the Auditor’s office.
I have embraced the many changes Lafayette County has faced over the years and would like the opportunity to continue to keep the Auditor’s Office current with any issues that come along. I enjoy working with all the officeholders in understanding how their office receives revenues and make disbursements. I would appreciate your continued support as I will be seeking another term as your County Auditor.  I will be mindful and continue working for the citizens of Lafayette County. 

Duties of the office:
The County Auditor is responsible for examining the tax receipts of the Collector daily, the monthly reports of all offices and departments who collect or handle money, and audit all offices bank accounts annually; prepare the County’s financial statement and liability report and present them to the County Commission; review the accounting of all revenues; verify all expenditures against budgets for weekly payments to vendors.  The office also prepares a statement of estimated revenues of the County, classified to funds and source along with an itemized list of expenditures for previous and current years for all offices to use as they prepare their individual budget to present to the budget officer and the County Commission.  The Auditor monitors and evaluates the condition of the County Budget for all funds.  The office also performs an annual inventory of county fixed assets, countersign all liquor and merchant licenses.

Current involvements:
Member of the First Baptist Church
Alpha Epsilon Beta of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority. Served as President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Federated Republican Women. Served as Treasurer for several years.
Missouri Association of County Auditors

JoAnn Swartz
Recorder of Lafayette County
JoAnn Swartz, Recorder of Deeds, is running for re-election in November of 2018 and is unopposed. 

Comments from JoAnn Swartz, Recorder of Lafayette County
This is my fourth year in my first term as the Recorder of Deeds. My prior experience includes working as a full time Deputy Recorder for fourteen years, 3+ years working in the Assessor's office and 4+ years banking experience. I attend 20 hours annual training with the Recorder's Association of Missouri every spring that keeps us up to date with Legislative discussions and any possible changes coming our way. It is also a way to gain additional knowledge from other Recorder's situations and experiences.
The Recorder of Deeds is responsible for recording all documents pertaining to real estate, such as Warranty Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Quit Claim Deeds, Beneficiary Deeds, etc. The Recorder is also responsible for recording Marriage Licenses, Military Discharges, Plats, Surveys, Commissions and Bonds of elected officials, Notices of State and Federal Tax Liens and numerous miscellaneous documents. Public relations play a key in the duties of the day to day functions of the office. County taxpayers and visitors from all over the United States come in to do research and ask questions. Recording fees set by the state statute are collected and disbursed monthly to various county accounts and to the Missouri Department of Revenue. Monthly and yearly reports are provided to the County Commissioners, County Treasurer and County Auditor.
It is my belief that in any Officeholder position you are a public servant that offers a high level of customer service to all citizens throughout Lafayette County. I love my job and it is a huge honor for me to serve as your Recorder of Deeds. I would appreciate your continued support as I will be filing for my second term for this office. I will continue to preserve and protect the most precious documents in Lafayette County dating back to 1821. I will also continue to make customer service the top priority and will keep moving forward with technology as the budget permit
Current involvements
Member of the Immaculate Conception Church
Lexington Federated Republican Women, currently serving as Treasurer 
Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce 
Lexington Historical Society Women's Club of Lexington
Lexington Tourism Bureau
Served nine years Lexington School Board, three as Board President


Kim Mason, candidate for Circuit Clerk, is running unopposed in an open seat in the November election.

Kim Mason, candidate for Lafayette County Circuit Clerk

Kim Mason has worked for the current Lafayette County Circuit Clerk, Deana Aversman, since 2005. Kim was born and raised in Independence, Mo., and graduated from Rockhurst University with a BSBA in Marketing.

She is married to Mike Mason, and they make their home in Higginsville. The Masons have one son, Benjamin.

Kim is a member of the Corder Lions Club. She and her family attend St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Higginsville where she is co-chair of the Stewardship Committee, Confirmation Director and helps teach the high school Parish School of Religion (PSR) program.

From 2018 Odessa City Guide: Welcome to Lafayette County, Heart of Missouri's Old Trails Region.

Welcome to Lafayette County
Heart of Missouri’s Old Trails Region
(From Odessa City Guide for 2017-2018. The 2019 version is in the works.)

When you visit our county seat in Lexington, you will see a plaque describing our historic courthouse, built in 1847 and the oldest in continuous use east of the Mississippi River. It is known far and wide for the cannonball embedded in the upper left column, a remnant of the Civil War Battle of Lexington, fought September 18-20, 1861.
   Rich in history, the old Santa Fe Trail wanders through Lafayette County where Lewis and Clark once camped and where Native Americans, explorers, traders and Civil War armies journeyed through this region.
   Today, Lafayette County is an area rich with agricultural farming operations as well as orchards, produce farms and vineyards. Tourists looking for a day trip or weekend getaway destination will find wineries, produce vendors, farmers’ markets, unique shops, restaurants and bed-and breakfasts.
   In addition to tourism, Lafayette County is a perfect destination for those interested in starting a small business or in entrepreneurial investment opportunities. We welcome inquiries and will be happy to help provide the economic and demographic information needed.
   Lafayette County is blessed to have excellent public, private and technical schools, exceptional emergency services, airports serving small aircraft, city parks and aquatic centers, numerous sports and recreational facilities, five community newspapers and a variety of churches to meet the spiritual needs of our residents.
   In Lafayette County, we have a strong volunteer spirit that can’t be matched as local residents work continuously for the betterment of their communities and county to improve the quality of life for all our citizens.
  Whether you have lived here a long time or are just visiting, we are glad you are here and thank you for being a part of this area that is rich in history and heritage, agricultural bounty and economic promise.

Harold Hoflander
Presiding Commissioner

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

County office holders and unopposed incumbents honored at Lafayette County Lincoln Dinner on April 21st in Wellington, Missoruri.

Lafayette County Lincoln Dinner 2018
Honors County Office Holders,
Incumbent Candidates
 and a New Candidate Running
 Unopposed in an Open Seat

Lafayette County Republican office holders and unopposed incumbents were honored at our 2018 Lincoln Dinner on April 21st in Wellington, MO. We were excited and proud to see this large group of fine public servants line up before us at the banquet. We cannot thank them enough for all they do for our county. Congratulations to each of them, and a 'tip of the hat' to those who are running unopposed this year--and that's all Republicans who are up for re-election. Yay team!
Lincoln Dinners are a time to celebrate people like these folks and to thank volunteers. It's a once-a-year time to come together and say thank you to all who help our local Republican candidates succeed. It's also a time to raise money for the local Central Committee, often the only fundraiser of the year. Republicans love our Lincoln Dinners in Missouri. And as Sen. Roy Blunt often says, "The road to the State House begins in the Courthouse!" #allpoliticsislocal
Pictured here: Southern District Commissioner Tracy Dyer; Circuit Clerk Deana Aversman who will be retiring at the end of the year; Kim Mason, candidate for Circuit Clerk and running unopposed in Aversman's open seat; Northern District Commissioner Craig Williams; incumbent Recorder JoAnn Swartz, unopposed; incumbent Judge Kelly Halford Rose, unopposed as Associate Circuit Judge in Division 3; incumbent Judge Russell Kruse, unopposed as Associate Circuit Judge in Division 2; incumbent Presiding Commissioner Harold Hoflander, unopposed; incumbent County Clerk Linda Niendick, unopposed; incumbent Treasurer Jennifer Jellum, unopposed; incumbent Auditor Cherie Mason, unopposed; and incumbent Public Administrator Barb Copenhaver, unopposed.
PHOTO CREDIT: Emily Kolkmeyer Wilson.

FOR MORE PHOTOS OF THE EVENT, PLEASE VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE: @lafayettecountyrepublicans or search for Lafayette County Republicans


Friday, March 30, 2018

Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer featured in MO Times article about the 2018 race for Speaker Pro Tem of the Missouri House of Representatives

Congratulations to Lafayette County's own Glen Kolkmeyer, as he vies for Missouri Speaker Pro Tem. Kolkmeyer serves the 53rd Legislative District. 

(His district includes all of Lafayette County and parts of Johnson and Jackson Counties)

Up Close and Personal with Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer

By The Missouri Times

The race to become the next Speaker Pro Tem in the Missouri House of Representatives features three strong contenders in Reps. Jason Chipman, Glen Kolkmeyer, and John Wiemann. We spoke with each representative about a number of issues to get their thoughts on where Missouri goes next, the issues they foresee, and why they want to serve as the Pro Tem.
Here are the answers from Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer. Click here for link to full story.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

SAVE THE DATE: Lafayette County Lincoln Dinner set for Saturday, April 21st. Keynote speaker: Missouri Lt. Governor Mike Parson.

Missouri Lt. Governor Mike Parson

Lt. Governor Mike Parson to keynote Lafayette County Republicans 2018 Lincoln Dinner on Saturday, April 21st in Wellington, Missouri.


Reception: 6 PM meet-and-greet with appetizers and punch.
Dinner: 6:30 PM, catered by Nadler's of Wellington.
Location: Community Christian Center, 710 W. 224 Highway, Wellington, Missouri. 
Directions here.

Candidates invited to speak, according to firm time guidelines. 


• Please respond by April 16th

• Tickets $30 per person

• Platinum Sponsor (table of 8) $500 and name in program

• Gold Sponsor (4 tickets) $250 and name in program

• Host Sponsor (2 tickets)  $100 and name in program

Make checks payable to: Lafayette County Republican Central Committee
Mail to: Kay Hoflander, PO Box 603, Higginsville, MO 64037

(Email reservations to: kayhoflander1@mac.com) 

Note: For donations over $100, please indicate where you work.  Also, please include your city, state and zip code and your email address. 

Paid for by the Lafayette County Republican Central Committee, 
Heidi Kolkmeyer, Treasurer

Saturday, March 24, 2018

• Mark your calendars for 2018 Republican events•

SAVE THE DATE: Lafayette County Republican Lincoln Dinner will be Saturday, April 21st.  See details and ticket information below.


• Saturday, January 27th: FIRST MEETING OF THE YEAR. Join us for BBQ and hear from Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer about the new 2018 Legislative Session. Time: 5:30 PM. Location: Dempsey's BBQ, 103 NE 2nd. Street, Concordia, MO. Order from menu. Candidates planning to file for office invited to say a few words.


Please register as soon as possible on this site: MO State Lincoln Days Registration. To book a room, please contact the Westin Kansas City at Crown Center directly. A block of rooms is reserved under "The Missouri Republican Party" group. The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center phone: 816-474-4400.





Watch here for more program details as they become available. 

Candidates invited to speak, according to firm time guidelines. 

Reception: 6 PM meet-and-greet with appetizers and punch.
Dinner: 6:30 PM, catered by Nadler's of Wellington.
Location: Community Christian Center, 710 W. 224 Highway, Wellington, Missouri. 
Directions here.


• Please respond by April 16th

• Tickets $30 per person

• Platinum Sponsor (table of 8) $500 and name in program

• Gold Sponsor (4 tickets) $250 and name in program

• Host Sponsor (2 tickets)  $100 and name in program

Make checks payable to: Lafayette County Republican Central Committee
Mail to: Kay Hoflander, PO Box 603, Higginsville, MO 64037

Note: For donations over $100, please indicate where you work.  Also, please include your city, state and zip code and your email address. 


• Thursday, May 24: Federated Republican Women of Lafayette County, 7 PM, Lafayette Hall, 10th and Franklin, Lexington, MO. Public invited. Speaker TBA.

June TBD
July TBD
August -- Primary Election is August 7th
September TBD
October TBD
November-- General Election is November 6th.
December TBD

Paid for by the Lafayette County Republican Central Committee, 
Heidi Kolkmeyer, Treasurer