Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jay Nixon's Website - He is a Republican?

We realize Jay Nixon has had a rough last few weeks, but his official state website is now calling the governor a Republican. We would imagine this is a surprise to both his staff and the Democrat party, and worth a good chuckle for our readers. We all make mistakes.

Perhaps an announcement for his party change is forthcoming?

Of course, Nixon is never one to come to a big announcement, or any decision, without weeks of contemplation. Staying away from controversy left the governor’s approval rating high until his strength, staying out of the news, became his weakness. A cover-up of e-Coli findings at the Lake of the Ozarks and other investigations into the governor’s office has found instead of being the governor of MO, Wrong-Way-Jay is the governor of PR. It is his public relations obsession that may lead the once popular governor to just one term, with folks asking – what has he actually done for us?

It would do Nixon well if he follows the lead of the conservative majorities in Jefferson City again this year, at the disgust of urban and liberal leaders disappointed he didn’t stick with them on restoring welfare cuts, etc. as promised in his campaign. He should also start caring more about results and less about image. We need results.