Tuesday, April 24, 2018

County office holders and unopposed incumbents honored at Lafayette County Lincoln Dinner on April 21st in Wellington, Missoruri.

Lafayette County Lincoln Dinner 2018
Honors County Office Holders,
Incumbent Candidates
 and a New Candidate Running
 Unopposed in an Open Seat

Lafayette County Republican office holders and unopposed incumbents were honored at our 2018 Lincoln Dinner on April 21st in Wellington, MO. We were excited and proud to see this large group of fine public servants line up before us at the banquet. We cannot thank them enough for all they do for our county. Congratulations to each of them, and a 'tip of the hat' to those who are running unopposed this year--and that's all Republicans who are up for re-election. Yay team!
Lincoln Dinners are a time to celebrate people like these folks and to thank volunteers. It's a once-a-year time to come together and say thank you to all who help our local Republican candidates succeed. It's also a time to raise money for the local Central Committee, often the only fundraiser of the year. Republicans love our Lincoln Dinners in Missouri. And as Sen. Roy Blunt often says, "The road to the State House begins in the Courthouse!" #allpoliticsislocal
Pictured here: Southern District Commissioner Tracy Dyer; Circuit Clerk Deana Aversman who will be retiring at the end of the year; Kim Mason, candidate for Circuit Clerk and running unopposed in Aversman's open seat; Northern District Commissioner Craig Williams; incumbent Recorder JoAnn Swartz, unopposed; incumbent Judge Kelly Halford Rose, unopposed as Associate Circuit Judge in Division 3; incumbent Judge Russell Kruse, unopposed as Associate Circuit Judge in Division 2; incumbent Presiding Commissioner Harold Hoflander, unopposed; incumbent County Clerk Linda Niendick, unopposed; incumbent Treasurer Jennifer Jellum, unopposed; incumbent Auditor Cherie Mason, unopposed; and incumbent Public Administrator Barb Copenhaver, unopposed.
PHOTO CREDIT: Emily Kolkmeyer Wilson.

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