Monday, August 18, 2014

Getting to know Russell J. Kruse, candidate for Associate Circuit Court, Division 2, in Lafayette County, Missouri

In this post:
• Russell J. Kruse gives a brief overview about why he is running for Lafayette County Associate Circuit Court Judge in Division 2 and what that means to him.
• What are the qualities of a good judge, something every voter should consider when we go to the polls Nov. 4th.

Russell Kruse comments:
"After 28 years of professional service to clients, municipalities, county officials, businesses and clients, I will use my experience and knowledge to dispense justice, tempered with mercy, to those who come to the court. Judges are public servants, and I pledge to take the  job in a servant’s role with dignity and integrity. Although our constitution places this race on a partisan ticket, justice is not for parties, but rather for people, without regard to their politics, personalities, religion, or wealth."   
(To read more about Russ Kruse, his bio and other information, visit his website at

What are the qualities of a good judge? 
Tip of the hat to 'A Pursuit of Justice' blog that discusses this idea in depth. Read more here:

Here are some excerpts about the qualities a good judge possesses:

Judicial Temperament:
This character trait encompasses both the ability to apply the law to the facts and to understand how a judicial decision will affect the human beings appearing before the court.  It is the ability to communicate with counsel, jurors, witnesses and parties calmly and courteously, as well as the willingness to listen to and consider what is said on all sides of a debatable proposition.


This most important overall quality is a key intangible.  The applicant should be of the best character.  He or she should have a positive reputation in every professional and residential community.  His or her background should be free of references to immorality or indiscretions.  He or she should be free of a history of substance abuse or substance dependence, and free of indications domestic violence, publicly unacceptable conduct and the like.  Candidates should be financially stable.

Other Qualities of a good judge, all important, and in no particular order:

Education and Experience
Ability to communicate
Civic and Community Responsibility

Please read, save and share with others who may be interested in learning more about the qualities of a judge as you vote on Tuesday, November 4th.  Remember,  judgeships rarely have open seats, sometimes only once every 20 to 30 years, so it is vitally important to be informed voters in November.