Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Robbie Brouk, Grassroots Director of MoGOP to speak Oct. 26th at Lafayette County Republicans Candidate Carry-in Dinner in Lexington, Mo.

Robbie Brouk, MoGOP Grassroots Director

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26 -- Joint meeting of the Federated Republican Women of Lafayette County and Republican Central Committee and FriendsCandidate carry-in dinner, 6 PM. Details TBA. Location: P and H Event Center, 1111 Main Street, Lexington, MO.

Program: Republican candidates running in 2018 for both local and statewide offices are invited to speak as well as currently elected officials.

GUEST SPEAKER: Robbie Brouk, Grassroots Director of the Missouri Republican Party. Robbie will discuss everything grassroots and Election Year 2018 and RNC plans to mobilize Missouri to beat Claire McCaskill in the U.S. Senate race and Nicole Galloway in the Auditor's race.

Join us if you can. Please RSVP by leaving a comment or message on our Facebook page.