Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lafayette County 2012 Lincoln Dinner, a memorable evening

Thank you everyone for making our 2012 Lafayette County Lincoln Dinner a wonderful event with rousing speakers, a huge crowd, delicious food (served by Nadler's Catering) and great fellowship at the Christian Community Center in Wellington on April 26th!

And a sincere thank you to our speakers, candidates and surrogates:
Keynote: Lloyd Smith, executive director of the Mo. Republican Party
Sarah Steelman, candidate for U.S. Senate
Hector Maldanado, candidate for U.S. Senate
Bill Randles for Missouri Governor
Ed Martin for Attorney General
Adam Warren for Attorney General
Brad Lager for Lt. Governor
Cole McNary for State Treasurer
Sen. Bill Stouffer for Secretary of State
Rep. Jerry Nolte for U.S. House 5th Congressional District
Jason Greene for U.S. House 5th Congressional District
Sen. David Pearce for Missouri Senate District 21
Rep. Mike McGhee for Missouri Senate District 21
Glen Kolkmeyer for Missouri House District 53
Surrogate Steve Drake speaking for John Brunner for U.S. Senate
Surrogate Heather Hall for U.S. Rep. Todd Akin for U.S. Senate
Surrogate Stan McLerron speaking for Dave Spence for Governor
Surrogate Jaret Jenson speaking for Sen. Scott Rupp
Harley Amos Todd for County Assessor
Valeta McGhee for County Treasurer
Jennifer Jellum for County Treasurer
Recognition of Matt Haase representing Senator Roy Blunt, Kansas City office