Saturday, March 6, 2010

PJTV - Tea Party TV - Boom: Michelle Moore, Dana Loesch & The Grassroots Resurgence

PJTV - Tea Party TV - Boom: Michelle Moore, Dana Loesch & The Grassroots Resurgence

Video: Dear Mr. President: America's 'exceptionalism' will prevail, Sincerely, "We the People". The time has come!

(Shared by nospopulus from the YouTube video "We the People".)

"We the People" have stated resolutely we reject your vision for our country.

You claim you have not heard us. We the people have assembled across America resisting your efforts to subvert our constitution and undermine our liberty.

You claim you have not seen us. Since you have not acknowledged our message, let us here present it once more. For as President Wilson once said, a leader's ear must ring with the voices of the people.

The time has come..."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Video: Scott Brown Reacts to Democrats Using Reconciliation to Pass Health Care

Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown challenges the President on health care and says "We can do better."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chris Stigall Comes to Visit--Lafayette County Lincoln Dinner--2010

From: Political Mommentary...

Molly Teichman, a.k.a. Political Mommentary writes:
"Chris Stigall, a local AM talk radio host and up-and-coming icon, graciously accepted my county’s local Lincoln Day Dinner. Chris spoke with excitement over building energy in the party, but admonished a Republican party that would once again get drunk on excitement and miss an opportunity to lead. It was great to have him in the midst of a contested Congressional race. Chris says those things we all need to hear to extend ourselves..." To read the rest of the story and to view a video in three parts of Chris's keynote speech, click here.

Check "Yes" or "No" posted by Brent Teichman, Red State contributor, blogger, and deep thinker

Political Cartoons by Mike Lester

In a nutshell this article warns us to choose wisely, "yes" or "no" on Nov. 2:

"...President Obama and the Democrats in Congress would have you believe that we can continue to eat what we’ve been eating for the last century and that everything will be just fine – “Yes We Can!” Republicans have expressed a desire to come to grips with our problems; admit our failures; and put an end to this destructive behavior that is leading our nation down a pathway to disaster – “Just Say No!”

On November 2, 2010, you will have the opportunity to make a choice with respect to which path you believe will lead us back to sustained, long-term prosperity – and right now, that choice could not be any clearer. It’s as easy as “Yes” or “No.” Choose wisely." To read the entire article, click here.

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You are cordially invited March 13th to a Constitution Class with Kris Kobach


Professor Kobach teaches law at UMKC and is a popular radio host.

If you know anything about Kris Kobach, you know he lives and breathes this most sacred of our founding documents.

What a fantastic opportunity to learn from this highly respected expert!

March 13
10 AM to 1 PM
Hyatt Regency Crown Center

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