Saturday, October 31, 2009

Paranormal legislative activity? Reading the healthcare bill. SCARY!

READING THE DEMS HEALTHCARE BILL IS FRIGHTENING. Watch this video of a young DC couple as they attempt to do just that.

Sure, it's Halloween and weird stuff happens just in the normal course of things in Washington, D.C., but this extraordinary video of an alien concept stalking an innocent couple on Capitol Hill has to be seen to be believed. And trust me, if you watch it, you will believe....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

While Ike Watches: Pelosi Unveils New Government-Run Health Care Experiment

After weeks of secretly creating their partisan government-run health care plan behind closed doors, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats unveiled a liberal bill today that ignores the concerns of voters and is no different than what she tried to force through the House before August.

It is still a government takeover of our health care system that will increase families’ health care costs, increase the deficit, increase taxes on small businesses and the middle class, and cuts Medicare.

The House Democrats’ government-run health care experiment costs over $1 trillion and is 1,990 pages long – over 30 percent longer than Harry Reid’s bill and longer than Hillary Clinton’s bill for universal health care.

The House Democrats’ government-run health care experiment will kill jobs with massive new tax hikes and mandates, including a tax which hits small businesses.

The House Democrats’ government-run health care experiment will bankrupt already struggling states by expanding Medicaid and shifting the costs to states.

That’s not the reform the American people want or need, and it is proof that the president and Nancy Pelosi have no interest in finding a bipartisan solution that will make health care more affordable and accessible.

Republicans support common-sense incremental reforms that will make health care more affordable and protect the doctor-patient relationship, and House Republicans will fight for these reforms:

Republicans believe we need tort reform to end frivolous lawsuits that drive up health care costs for everyone.

Republicans want to encourage health care portability so people can take their coverage with them when they change jobs.

Republicans believe Americans should get coverage regardless of preexisting conditions.

Republicans support allowing small businesses to join together to purchase quality health care benefits for their workers at a more affordable price, just as many large businesses and unions are allowed to do.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Molly Teichman of Odessa launched her first blog TV show on Oct 23 from our State Capitol in which she presented conservative commentary and information about how government works. Molly broadcast from the offices of Sen. Bill Stouffer (R-21st), candidate for the 4th Congressional District in 2010. Her special guest was Sen. Stouffer's Chief of Staff Aaron Baker.

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