Sunday, January 17, 2010

"A Perfect Storm is Brewing in Massachusetts" by Brent Teichman

This exerpt below is from a must-read article from Brent Teichman's blog: Setting Brushfires of Freedom--One Mind at a Time.

It is also reprinted today on

"December 16, 1773 – On a cold Massachusetts evening, thousands of oppressed American citizens gathered around Boston Harbor to voice their displeasure with their government. After decades of being taxed, tyrannized, and having their grievances ignored, those Massachusetts citizens did what Americans ultimately do – They put their lives, their families and their fortunes on hold in order to protect liberty. And on that night, amongst the shouting and the confusion and the tea floating in the harbor, liberty was protected.

History has a way with irony. On Tuesday, January 19, 2010 – over 236 years after those Americans lit the brushfire that ultimately would begin to burn so hot and so bright that it exploded into revolution – liberty, once again, will place its hope in Massachusetts. And what once seemed impossible, has now become plausible.

Can Scott Brown really win?..." Read the full article here.