Thursday, March 18, 2010

"A few questions to those who support Obamacare" by Paul Hamby

A few questions to those who support Obamacare

What if Obamacare still leaves millions without health insurance?
What if Obamacare causes the cost of healthcare to go up?
What if Obamacare causes your taxes to go up?
What if Obamacare creates more of the bad stuff Michael Moore's movie talked about (which is really mercantilism - government protection of businesses)
What if Obamacare reduces competition for health care services causing longer wait times and higher costs?
What if Obamacare is about making the Healthcare Industrial Complex richer and your insurance costs go up?

What if Obamacare causes Medicare costs to rise?
What if Obamacare causes Missouri state government to go bankrupt due to Medicaid mandates?

Wouldn't you like to know who really will benefit from Obamacare?

They have been working on this for nearly a year and you still don't know what is in the bills?
Are you not a little suspicious that what you are being promised is not what is in the bill?
Are you willing to risk 1/6 of our economy by passing a bill that 75% of the people oppose, that Pelosi and Reid are having to BRIBE other Congressman for their votes, and that puts your health care in the hands of the same type of bureaucrats who ran the Kansas City and St Louis school districts into bankrupt failures?

Paul Hamby
Missouri Coordinator
Campaign For Liberty

Maysville Missouri