Monday, October 11, 2010

From Politicmo: "Senate candidates change tones in new ads"

Reprinted story written by Eli Yokley:

(ST. LOUIS, Mo.) With just 25 days to go in the 2010 elections, both U.S. Senate candidates are launching new television commercials.

Carnahan focuses this time on herself, unlike a majority of her previous ads trying to paint Blunt as “the very worst of Washington...Blunt turned the tables on his opponent, and spent twenty seconds of his thirty second spot focusing on Carnahan.

“My opponent Robin Carnahan supports the Obama agenda that’s killing jobs, the disastrous stimulus bill that grew government, not jobs, government controlled health care we can’t afford, and a job killing energy tax,” Blunt said.

With a change of music, Blunt continued, “My jobs plan takes a different approach. lower taxes, less red tape, more american energy, encouraging small businesses to do what they do best: create jobs.”

Blunt invited those interested to look up his jobs plan on his website...

These ads were launched on the same day where it was announced the Democratic Senatorial Committee would be pulling ads out of the Kansas City market. .."

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