Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Missouri GOP Delegates happily hop aboard the Trump Train -- via Jo Mannies, St. Louis Public Radio, July 22, 2016

Missouri GOP Delegates happily hop aboard the Trump Train

The delegation poses in the room where they heard from speakers during the Republican convention.
Photo courtesy St. Louis Public Radio.

CLEVELAND -- Regardless of who they backed before, Missouri's GOP delegates are leaving their convention committed to electing Donald Trump for president... 

Lafayette County Republicans at RNC 2016 in Cleveland

Photo: Lafayette County Missourians at RNC 2016 Convention, from left: Eric Kolkmeyer, guest; Heidi Kolkmeyer, alternate; Kay Hoflander, delegate; Avan Solomon, guest; and Steve Solomon, delegate. This photo was taken on Day 3 at a tour of the NFL Hall of Fame as part of the outside attractions available to the Missouri Delegation. The Delegation is 'non-stop' busy each and every day with meetings, tourist excursions, and convention sessions. MRP staff has done an amazing job of organizing and planning the week in Cleveland for the Missouri group numbering approximately 200. A huge thank you to MRP. Stellar job! And don't forget to follow us on Twitter @Lafcopolitics for news and photos of the convention and ongoing Election Year 2016 news and views.