Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday, July 18th Day 1 of #RNCinCLE. Morning delegate breakfast, live Tweets as they happen and more.

Missouri Delegation hears from Congresswoman Ann Wagner and Congressman Sam Graves
 at morning breakfast meeting.

Our thanks to the Missouri Delegation host hotel for a delightful breakfast today. Immediately following that we had our usual business meeting with guidelines for the day's events and transportation to Quicken Arena.

Highlights of the morning meeting included uplifting remarks by Congresswoman Ann Wagner and Congressman Sam Graves, each challenging delegates to work doubly hard to win our statewide elections in November. Both outlined what Republicans in Missouri need to do and how it can be done. #WinInNovember

Congresswoman Ann Wagner, photo courtesy of MRP.

Congressman Sam Graves, photo courtesy of MRP.

Delegates, Alternates and Guests received their credentials for the day at breakfast and received clear plastic convention tote bags, Secret Service approved, of course. Then, we were bussed to The Q in downtown Cleveland for Session 1 at 1 p.m. and Session 2 at 8 p.m. Outside at the area between the Cleveland Indians Stadium and Quicken Arena, we were treated to food galore and other amenities for convention goers. Live music on stage provided some rockin' entertainment between sessions. Cleveland once again did a wonderful job of organizing the event and providing for our every need.

A few photos from today: 

Approved tote bags for Delegates, Alternates and Guests at RNC 2016. 

It didn't take long for worldwide media to find and interview Missouri's own George Engelbach, a.k.a Abe Lincoln. 

Our view from the floor --Missouri Delegation. Photo courtesy of




Find play-by-play accounts of Session 1 and 2 happenings on these interesting Twitter accounts: , and  @EricBurlison .

And follow the  lifestream here:  


More as we go along...