Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Missouri Delegation begins Day 2 of the RNC Convention in Minneapolis!

Dear Missouri Friends:

After a star-studded array of speakers at our luncheon today (Day 2 of the convention), your Show Me State Missouri delegation is clearly aware that our state is center stage and pivotal to the upcoming election. Not only are we seated immediately to the right and next to the stage at the convention, but we will also be one of five states nominating Senator McCain. Missouri's history of correctly picking presidential campaigns is lost on no one here.

For example, at our state delegation luncheon today, we heard from one famous speaker after another. Since our hotel is located so far from St. Paul, I guess we were somewhat surprised when they found us since we have trouble finding the hotel ourselves. Just kidding. But I digress. It was clear something was up as secret service agents appeared through side doors to the dining hall. As each speaker finished, a side door opened and in walked yet another famous face, one after another. Later today, I hope to paraphrase some of these speakers' remarks if time allows. For now, just know that we were treated to the following speakers at lunchtime: Roberta McCain, mother of Sen. John McCain, John Bolton, former ambassador to the U.N., Michael Steele, former Lt. Governor of MD and television personality; Col. Bud Day who was shot down 2 months prior to John McCain and spent years with him in the "Hanoi Hilton"; and Rudy Guiliani and his wife Judith. Numerous Missouri elected officials and politicians were also on hand.

Each speaker graciously visited with our delegation and posed for photos.

This was only lunch. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring. Stay tuned.