Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Target Shoots Back-- Day 3 of the RNC Convention in St. Paul

Good morning from Minnesota and your Missouri State Delegation:

Former Senator Jack Danforth said it best this morning at the Missouri Delegation breakfast when he quipped, "Since the surprise announcement last Friday of McCain's VP pick Sarah Palin, she became an instant target. But guess what folks, this target shoots back!"

And shoot back she did last night at the Xcel Center with an energizing speech like nothing most of us in this delegation have ever heard. Palin took on her critics in the media and from the left with true grit and fire.

A quick look at the faces in the room told me all I needed to know--something big is up. Something is changing. We are in the midst of a happening.

If you saw Palin's speech on television and I imagine most did, then you saw the faces, too. Radiant faces, wide grins, unmistakable excitement.

I will go one further and say those faces expressed pure "astonishment" as well.

Yes, the crowd was astonished.

We could not believe that anyone would have the guts to say what most of us there wish we could say and don't.

But Sarah did, and she did it with the kind of poise and moxy we can only envy.

This woman is fearless. We saw it with our own eyes. Who among us would have the courage to do what she did last night as she walked onto the world stage under unimaginable pressure. Not many.

And a side note--last night, Kenny Hulshof gave the announcement from the Show Me State that the great state of Missouri proudly cast all its 58 votes for John McCain!

We are leaving now for a full day of activities so more details of last night will have to wait for the next blog.

Your Missouri State Delegation sends its warm regards to all fellow Missourians back home.