Sunday, August 26, 2012

More from Tampa 2012 RNC Convention - Sunday, August 26

The rains started in Tampa this afternoon, but it's a mild downpour so far.  This won't damper the spirits of the Missouri Delegation tonight, however, as we will attend the covered Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg for the RNC-hosted Welcome Event.

At this afternoon's meeting, Delegates were given the opportunity of actually signing the petition to place Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's names in nomination. In the past, this was reserved for 5 selected states, but now any delegate from any state also has that chance. The document could make its way into a Romney Presidential Museum one day. Needless to say, most Missouri delegates signed, although some still pledged to Santorum did not.

Tomorrow, early breakfast and credentialing. For lunch we will visit renowned Ybor City in Tampa's historic Latin Quarter. Famous for its tradition of watching hand-rolled cigars being made, Ybor City was founded by Vincente Martinez Ybor (e-bor) as a cigar-manufacturing center. Today it is one of only two National Historic Landmark Districts in Florida, guides tell us. Can't wait to see the charm of the city which also includes the smell of Cuban coffee being roasted. Cuban coffee, here we come!