Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blogging from Tampa, Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012--What Your Missouri Delegation Did Today

That some good can be derived from every event is a better proposition
 than that everything happens for the best, which it assuredly does not. - Author Unknown

By Kay Hoflander, Missouri Delegate At-Large

Good morning from Tampa as our Missouri Delegation begins Day One of the convention amidst schedule changes, a tropical storm, and yes, we still have the "the mess" at home, as it is being referred to in Tampa. As much as we try to put the Aiken debacle behind us, we can't. At every turn, Missourians are asked about it by other convention goers, media and just about everyone else we encounter.

 Nevertheless, we as delegates and alternates are excited to get to the business at hand of the convention--talking about the real life issues that plague our country--the sad state of our economy, job losses and general dissatisfaction with the way our country is being led by Obama, which is actually not at all in our view. We are looking for our strong presidential and vice presidential team, Romney and Ryan, to bring the United States of America back to it's days of being a "shining city on a hill."

You will no doubt remember that President Ronald Reagan used these words well in his in his 1984 acceptance of the Republican Party nomination and in his January 11, 1989, farewell speech to the nation:..."I've spoken of the shining city all my political life, but I don't know if I ever quite communicated what I saw when I said it. But in my mind it was a tall proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, wind-swept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace, a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity, and if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That's how I saw it and see it still.."

But I digress, back to the business at hand today.

 At 2 PM today, the Missouri Delegation will meet in our hotel ballroom to discuss the schedule changes ahead.
Last night we received this message from Chairman David Cole: "To delegates, alternates, and guests,
By now, you have probably heard that the RNC has postponed the first day of the convention.  At this time, we do not believe that there is any danger to visitors; however, this decision was made out of an abundance of caution.
Please keep in mind that this postponement only affects the convention itself.  All of the Missouri delegation events, including the 2:00 delegation meeting on Sunday, the evening host reception, and the breakfast on Monday, will continue as planned. In lieu of Monday’s convention sessions, we are currently in the process of identifying possible events for our delegates and alternates. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow (Sunday)!"
David Cole

And one side note: the Missouri host hotel is actually inside the airport, a great location, and is affording us the best of hospitality as well. Thank you Tampa Airport Marriott and all the great Tampa convention volunteers who are here to greet and help us. And, we can easily see why this airport is ranked at the top nationally--perfect ambiance, music, art, quality food choices and an abundance of shops. One airport shop is giving out American flag lapel pins with a purchase, so a shout out to Radio Road with our thanks.

More as we go..