Friday, August 8, 2014

Call to Reorganize 53rd Legislative District— Wednesday, August 20th in Lexington, Missouri

Call to Reorganize 53rd Legislative District
Wednesday, August 20th
7 PM at Lafayette Hall, 10th and Franklin, Lexington, MO

NOTE: You may send a proxy, notarized, if you cannot attend. Any true and loyal Republican in the district may carry your proxy. Meeting is open to the public.

Call to Reorganize—53rd Legislative District Chair, Kay Hoflander

According to State Statute, each Legislative District shall meet on August 20th, 2014, to reorganize and elect officers.

The 53rd Legislative District is composed of all of Lafayette County and its eight townships, two townships from Jackson County (Fort Osage and Sni-A-Bar) and four from Johnson County (Columbus, Grover, Hazel Hill, and Simpson).

Members of the committee will include the committeeman and committeewoman elected on August 5, 2014, from each of the townships/wards that make up the legislative district.

Official Business:
Election of officers
Miscellaneous committee business

For all related MoGOP regulations, documents and committee handbook, visit
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