Friday, June 13, 2014

Meet Deana Aversman, Republican Candidate for Circuit Clerk of Lafayette County

 Deana Aversman, Republican Candidate

 for Circuit Clerk of Lafayette County

Deana Aversman is the unopposed candidate for the office of Circuit Clerk of Lafayette County.  She and her husband, Dale, reside on their farm just north of Corder where he raises cattle, row crops and operates his insurance business.  Daughters Michelle and Lauren are both students of UMKC and son-in-law Aaron is the sales manager for Ag-Power.  

Deana has held the office of Circuit Clerk since 1995 and is a twenty-year member of the Missouri Circuit Clerk's Association with six years of board experience.  She is currently a faculty member of the Missouri Court Management Institute, Vice-Chair of the State's Court Clerk Education Committee, a member of the Clerical Weighted Workload Committee and Civil Focus Group, all sponsored by the Office of the State Courts Administrator.   Deana is very active in promoting and participating in the educational programs created and designed for judicial clerks across the state.  She is regularly listed as a faculty member of the biannual Court Clerk College offered to clerks of all skill levels and participates in the New Circuit Clerk Orientation sessions designed to educate and assist newly elected Circuit Clerks. 

Since beginning her employment with the Circuit Clerk's office in 1983, Deana has used her experience to develop a proactive approach to the constant changes  and challenges of the office by promoting positive customer service, maintaining a high level of judicial record accuracy and helping improve the educational and training resources for staff.  The implementation of a preservation program has been very successful resulting in the alleviation of storage problems and increased efficiency in record searches and retrieval.  Currently, she is focusing on the transition from working with paper records to electronic records as business practices will soon change to accommodate the electronic filing and management of judicial records.