Friday, June 13, 2014

Meet Cherie Mason, candidate for Lafayette County Auditor. Cherie is seeking re-election and is running unopposed.

Cherie Mason shares her thoughts on running for re-election as County Auditor:

I am running unopposed for the office of County Auditor. My husband Dean and I live in Lexington and have been married for 28 years. We have four children and six grandchildren. Jeremy and his family live in Ida Grove, Iowa; Travis and his family live in Green Bay, Wisconsin; Melissa and her husband live in Chicago, Illinois, and Chad and his family live in Lexington.

Previously, I worked in the Auditor’s office from 1991-1994 as Deputy Auditor.  In 1995, I was elected as your County Auditor, therefore, at the end of this term I have been with Lafayette County for 24 years. 

The Auditor’s office is tasked with Internal Controls, Internal Audit, and Financial Reporting of all the funds and offices of Lafayette County.

I am a member of the Missouri Auditor’s Association and have had the privilege of serving as Secretary-Treasurer from 2006-2008 and President of the Association from 2008-2010.

Since 1991, I have seen many changes in the County. I continue to keep current with technology and legislation to implement changes needed to run the Auditor’s office through the Missouri Auditor’s Association, Missouri Association of Counties and the Government Finance Officers Association.

I am looking forward to continue serving the citizens of Lafayette County for another four years.Thank you for your support during my tenure in the Auditor's office. It is greatly appreciated.